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Finding solutions to your wells most troubled problems is what Well Master prides themselves on. Well Master not only engineers and manufactures the most durable and innovative products, but also provides trustworthy services and solutions to all your wells needs.

If a solution to your wells problem is not listed below, then please fill out an Well Optimization Form and we will contact you shortly to work through a solution for your specific well.

Horizontal Solutions

In horizontal wells, the higher inclination at which you can operate, the lower you can draw down bottom-hole pressure.  Historically, operators have struggled to successfully operate plungers beyond the 20o-25o inclination range.  More recently, experience with horizontal wells led to plunger operations at inclinations approaching 50o, usually with significant efficiency losses.  Well Master Corporation has been able to support successful & efficient operation of plungers out to inclinations exceeding 70o.  Successfully doing so, is dependent upon using tools specifically designed for high inclinations.

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High Set X-Nipples

In many basins, wells have been permitted to flow to surface up the casing prior to installation of tubing.  This is especially common in high volume gas wells.  Subsequently, operators snub tubing into the wellbore.  These snubbing operations often require incorporation of Profile Nipples (X Nipples) into the tubing string.  Ultimately, after such a snubbing operation, Profile Nipples may be set in the tubing string too high for effective plunger operations.

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Solids Deposition

During production, solids may precipitate or settle out of produced fluids in the production equipment.  These solids may eventually build up to the extent that they impair production & plug the production equipment.  Various plunger lift tools can help mitigate the build-up these solids in the production tubing.

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