Artificial Lift Method Selection & Recommendations

Staff engineers can help you make unbiased artificial lift selections.  It is not about selecting the right method, it is about eliminating what is not.  Well Master recommendations consider your existing production, infrastructure, costs, & institutional experience, in addition to possible uplift.  If we can’t offer you the right solution, we’ll steer you to someone who can.

Production Engineering

Completion Recommendations

Staff production engineers can help recommend best practices for determining equipment setting depths & configurations.  Design of an artificial lift system is an exercise in compromise.  It is seldom practical to install equipment at theoretical ideal depths.  Well Master engineers have experience in making these compromises to minimize your operational challenges.

Uplift Estimation

Staff production engineers can help project what impact various completions may have on Bottom Hole Pressure.  In some cases, this can then translate directly to changes in production and reserves.  For example: the deeper from which you can lift liquids; the further you could expect to reduce Bottom Hole Pressure.  Usually, the further you can reduce Bottom Hole Pressure; the more production (gas & liquids) you can expect.  We may be able to help you quantify the resulting uplift.

Intervention Programs & Procedures

Staff production engineers can help clients draft work over programs & intervention procedures.  We can tailor documentation specifically for your organization.  Minimize opportunities for project failure by clearly communicating:  what you want accomplished, where you want it placed, & how you want it conducted.  Our procedures incorporate industry best practices for safely servicing specific wells.  We can also incorporate your internal experiences & best practices, as necessary.  Procedures assume competent mechanical equipment, standard practices, technically competent field personnel, & benign well conditions.  Estimates do not account for non-routine activities (e.g. fishing, pipe recovery, etc.)

Intervention Cost Estimation

Staff production engineers can help project the time & cost elements necessary to reasonably complete a Well Intervention, barring unforeseen circumstances & conditions.  These estimates are based on your prevailing negotiated service vendor costs, the time & the tools necessary to reasonably conduct routine activities.  Estimations assume competent mechanical equipment, standard practices, standard procedures & benign well conditions.  Estimations do not account for non-routine activities (e.g. fishing).