Plungers Direct

Available for IOS Devices & US Customers Only At This Time

Plungers Direct is your one stop online buying platform for all things artificial lift. Our customer’s safety is our top priority which is why we have chosen to offer a direct buying platform that allows for limited in person contact and sales interactions. Designed to offer customers an easy, contact free buying experience, Plungers Direct is for both current and new Well Master customers.

Plungers Direct will offer all of our most popular part numbers, which includes our major plunger, spring and lubricator product lines as well as accessories, controllers, sensors and valves. All Plungers Direct orders will also include free ground shipping, customers will not be charged up front but will be sent an order confirmation email with detailed product pricing. Currently, this application is only available to US end users, however we hope to bring Plungers Direct international in the near future.

Why Buy Via Plungers Direct?

  • Easy, one stop plunger buying
  • Contact free sales for customer safety and limited social interaction
  • Free shipping
  • Access to limited time deals and product promotions

Simply input your information, select products from our vast product offering list and purchase!

Download Plungers Direct today for all IOS devices

What Products Can I buy on the Plungers Direct App?