Golden, Colorado- June 17th, 2019 – The Well Master Corporation, headquartered in Golden, Colorado is proud to announce the launch of its new continuous run plunger, The TALON, a Ball and Sleeve product. The TALON comes in two distinct variations, Rapid Fall (RF) and Turbulent Seal (TS) both are designed for fast fall rates and increased production. Application-wise, the TALON is to be used in wells that are in the initial stage of liquid loading which produces high gas and liquid volumes.

The TALONRF (Rapid Fall) is the fastest falling plunger on the market and creates more trips per day and falls against more flow than any other plunger and will increase production earlier on in the life of the well. The TALON TS (Turbulent Seal) has a fast fall rate but increases production through Well Master’s Turbulent Seal Technology.

Each TALON is created with performance, innovation, engineering, and advanced technology in mind for superior well optimization and production. A few of the innovative features of the TALON include variable groove design, a tapered nose, and a dual surface ball seal. The TALON is also reliable and comes with advanced sealing technology specifically created to boost fall times while maintaining a strong seal in the tube.

12” TalonRF falls:
11% Faster than 4- Slot Screaming Eagle
5 % Faster than competitive ball and sleeves

12” TalonTS falls:

8% Faster than 4- Slot Screaming Eagle
2 % Faster than competitive ball and sleeves

Similar to other Well Master products the TALON is customizable by size, type, material and length to fit your unique well needs. For more information regarding the TALON Ball and Sleeve contact your local sales person or visit our product section to learn more.

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