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Application Engineering Services

Applications engineering is all about ensuring you get the right solution for your situation.

Our staff can provide you science based recommendations to help you solve problems that range from “which plunger should I choose” to “how should I complete or operate my well?”

Plunger Selection Options:

Fall Rate App

Use our automated Well Master Fall Rate app to determine how fast our plungers will fall in your well under static conditions.  If you know how much off-time your well needs, this is a convenient way to select the right tool to be on bottom when you need to kick-on.

Field Staff

Lean on our field staff, field experience, & understanding of how our tools operate. 

Eliminate 80% of the experimentation & take the guess work out of plunger selection.  Allow our field staff to help guide your plunger selection dependent on your flow parameters & our knowledge of how our tools are engineered.  Provide us your basic well performance information & let us match the right tool to your well conditions.  We can also how to get the most performance out of the tool.

Engineered Evaluations

More than just a plunger selection; the standard you can trust. 

Staff production engineers can evaluate your well from a number of different angles.  We can help you identify if & when your well is liquid loaded.  We can help you decide how best to unload your loaded well.  We can help you determine the best form of artificial lift for your well.

Whether your well is just a plunger lift candidate, or is already actively plunger lifted; we can also help you design your completion to best maximize your Free Cash Flow & minimize your Lease Operating Expenses (LOE).  Our engineering evaluation services provide you a written report summarizing our recommendations that you can save for posterity. These recommendations can include whether plunger lift is a suitable artificial lift option; how best to configure your well for plunger lift; what tools we suggest you choose; & how best to operate those tools.