• Designed for marginal wells and wells with low Gas-Liquid Ratio (GLR)
  • Ideal for wells with tight spots and downhole restrictions
  • Used where standard pad plungers experience high wear


  • Machined tool steel pads for precision mechanical seal
  • Lower lifting costs with high performance and longer wear life
  • Co-designed by skilled and experienced Field Operators
  • Standard design uses hardened tool steel and is plated for extended life
  • Pad wear indicators at .015″ and .030″
  • Highly articulated pads allow for up to 40 degrees/100 ft. dogleg severity
  • Efficiently runs through profile nipples and tight spots
  • Stress relieved fishing neck adds strength

The XceL Dual Pad Plunger Sizes and Specifications

Part No. Outside Tubing Dia. (in.) Nominal Inside tubing Dia. (in.) Nominal Tubing Weight (lbs. /ft.) Plunger Length (in.) Nominal Plunger Dia. (in.) Plunger weight (lbs.)
PLPA1700AXL 2 1/16 1.751 3.25 13.25 1.820 5.75
PLPA2000AXL* 2 3/8 1.995 4.70 14.50 2.096 8.4
PLPA2000AXLW (Weak Springs) 2 3/8 1.995 4.70 14.50 2.096 8.0
PLPA2500AXL 2 7/8 2.441 6.40 15.00 2.530 13.2
Materials of Construction: Constructed of hardened and electroless nickel plated steel for sweet gas service
*Available in stainless steel. Add H2S to end of part number.
Spring Material: Inconel, for extended life
Download The XceL Dual Pad Plunger Spec Sheet