TALON Rapid Fall

The TALONRF(Rapid Fall) is the fastest falling plunger on the market and creates more trips per day and falls against more flow than any other plunger.

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The TALON RF (Rapid Fall) is equipped with innovative technologies to create more trips per day and falls against more flow to increase production earlier in the life of the well.


  • Designed for High Cycle Rates for Optimal Performance
  • Falls Fast While Maintaining Seal


  • Patented Seal Technology
  • Patent Pending Aerodynamic Vents
  • Dual Surface Ball Seal for Longevity


  • Optimized SealTechnology
  • Available in Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel and Titanium


  • Enhanced Geometry to Improve Speed
  • Proprietary Advanced Metallurgy and Surface Treatment


Used in wells that are in the initial stage of liquid loading which produce high gas and liquid volumes.


  • The TALON RF Aerodynamic Vents allow the sleeve to fall against more Flow and achieve more trips/day to produce more oil andgas
  • Reliability through the Dual Surface Seal on the ball and sleeveinterface
  • Sealing Technology is specifically designed for fast fall while maintaining sealingproperties
  • Longevity is achieved by proprietary advanced metallurgy and surfacetreatment
  • Available in 6″,9″,and12″sleeve lengths in Steel, Stainless Steel,Titanium and ACTII extended life versions
  • Multiple ball materials available
  • TALON TS  version is available for applications that require premium seal

TALON RF Product Sheet
Talon Rapid Fall Plunger

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