Well suited for plunger arrival sensing on most wells


  • Quick and easy installation with firm mounting, reducing vibration that can cause false triggering
  • Built-in mounting, therefore no tape, ties or extra clamps are needed for a secure mount
  • Extremely low power consumption that does not require power from a third wire, thereby reducing system battery load
  • Does not use internal batteries
  • Reverse polarity protected, making the installation more foolproof

Sentry Plunger Arrival Sensor Sizes and Specifications

Part No. CONX010SM
Dimensions Without Mounting Clamp (WxDxH) 1.5″x1.5″x1.5″
Weight (lbs) 0.5 lbs
Materials of Construction Weatherproof/Sealed PVC Outer, all connections encapsulated in UL 94V-0 rated Dow Corning® Sylgard® 160 Silicone Elastomer
Electrical Requirements Power derived from input signal line +3 VDC – +15 VDC, 5uA standby current proper wiring methods required to ensure Class I, Div 2 compliance
Trigger Capability +3 VDC – +15 VDC, including Optically Isolated Inputs Actuation time 3–5 seconds
Electrical Connections 10 feet, 2 conductor 22 AWG stranded cable (Alpha 1172C UL listed)
Unit to be connected to signal lines only
Red: Signal, Black: Ground
Reverse polarity protected
Mounting Built-in stainless steel clamp mounts to pipes up to 3.5″ diameter
Download Sentry Plunger Arrival Sensor Spec Sheet