• -40°F to +158°F Operation
  • 5+ Months1 of Battery Standby
  • Numeric/Navigation Interface
  • Operate Up to 2 Valves
  • RS-485 Modbus Communications
  • Flexible Connector/Solenoid Locations
  • Optional Velocity Optimization


Designed to withstand extreme conditions, Model 600 has been proven to function reliably in temperatures as low as -40° F and up to 158°F. Model 600’s innovative display technology ensures operation over this entire temperature range. In areas that experience long periods of low sunlight, Model 600 draws so little energy from its rechargeable battery that it will operate for more than 5 months¹ on a single charge from the compact 1.1 W solar panel, which comes standard with every Model 600.


Installation and setup of Model 600 are fast and simple. The universal mounting bracket included with every Model 600 supports a variety of mounting locations from shack to wellhead. Enhancements like the install key, dual purpose numeric/navigation keypad and a user-friendly menu make configuration effortless. The electronics module removes quickly and easily for upgrading and maintenance, no tools required.


Each Model 600 is protected by a watertight steel enclosure with a locking door latch and several pre-punched ports to provide a variety of options for solenoid and wiring connector locations. Enclosures are powder-coated to protect your Model 600 from the elements, and solenoids are securely mounted outside the enclosure to keep regular maintenance quick and easy, and avoid corrosion of electronic components.


Model 600 can be configured as a simple well intermitter, or used in conjunction with a plunger arrival sensor to optimize production. Protect your well by using a line pressure device to shut in on high line pressure, or enable the Fast Trip feature to prevent damaging and dangerous repetitive fast plungers. Every Model 600 includes a standard Modbus communication port to allow remote monitoring and control.


Model 600’s intelligent and effective optimization algorithms will help you achieve maximum production.

Velocity Optimization Available Velocity Optimization allows Model 600 to react to average velocity of the plunger and make changes to the amount of Close and Afterflow time for the well. The user specifies a Target Rise Time, which Model 600 then attempts to achieve.

Model 600 Sizes and Specifications

Part Number Operating Temp. Battery Solar Panel Standby time Valves Supported Arrival Sensor Other Inputs Cycle History Daily History Communi-
CON6002 -40°F to +158°F (-40°C to +70°C) 6 V, 5 Ah 6 V, 1.1 W 5+ Months1 1-2 Well Master Plunger Arrival Sensor Line Pressure Switch / Sensor Last 25 Plunger Cycles Current Day + 14 Previous Days RS-485 Modbus Class I, Zone 0, Ex/AEx ia [ia] IIB2
Download Model 600 Spec Sheet