The Collar Stop (Type “F”) is designed to locate in the collar recess of API upset and non-upset tubing. By lowering the stop to the desired depth and lifting upward, the latch springs are tripped allowing the stop arms to expand into the collar recess. Downward jarring on the inner mandrel pushes it down behind the collar stop arms locking them into place in the collar recess.

Assembly Sizes and Specifications

Size 2″ 2 1/2″ 3″
WM Part Number CSP2000F CSP25000F CSP3000F
Fishneck¬†O.D. 1.375″ 1.047″ 1.500″
Min. I.D. 0.875″ 1.125″ 1.625″

Well Master has the ability provide an integrated tubing stop and spring to eliminate wire line cost. See Spring Configuration Matrix to build a spring/stop combination