Field Services help you operate your wells.

Depending on the basin, Well Master’s field services can range from inspections to operations.  We are here to help you maximize the profitability of your existing wells.

Field Audits

Technical staff can conduct a field visits to help scope projects & conduct field diagnosis.

These visits are often used to help evaluate operations which are new customers of Well Master.  These visits help ensure our recommendations are in alignment with your expectations.  Often, such visits can help quickly identify areas for potential improvement.  There is no substitute for putting our eyes on your challenges or putting actual hands on actual problems.  As many operational challenges are symptoms of surface issues & conditions, these visits can very quickly identify opportunities for quick, cheap, & easy wins.

Field Optimization Services

In limited cases, technical staff can work directly with the client to help optimize production from specific wells.

Our experienced technical field staff can bring our diverse experience to your field.  Our optimization services are typically offered to new field operations & are provided on a per well basis.  Even the most experienced operations, however, can sometimes benefit from a slightly different perspective.

We recommend combining these services with our educational offerings.  We want to help you operate your field better, not operate your field for you.

Plunger Maintenance Services

In limited cases, technical field staff can work directly with the client to conduct routine plunger maintenance checks for wear & exchanges (if necessary).

As with field optimization services, this service is provided by experienced field staff in limited geographic areas.  This service is not offered in every basin or region.

In available areas, experienced technical field staff travel to your location, & help you conduct your routine maintenance.  Our staff comply with your policies & best practices while working on your behalf, on your location.  These services are intended to help you devote your attention where it is needed most, when sufficient expertise or resources are not available within your organization.

Above & beyond just checking for plunger wear, these visits can also help you identify surface issues which can impair plunger operations.

Production Surveillance Assistance

In limited cases, technical staff can assist you, the operator, with production surveillance of your plunger lift assets.

In available areas, our staff can help assist your operators with basic surveillance These services are not offered typically limited to operators with appropriate instrumentation, SCADA, & telemetry.  These services are typically offered on a per well basis.  Clients are encouraged to also pursue our educational offerings in conjunction.  Ultimately, we want to help you operate your field better; not operate for you.