Well Master’s staff production engineers can help you make an unbiased artificial lift selection. Their recommendations consider your existing production, infrastructure, costs, & institutional experience, as well as possible uplift before directing you to the right solution.


Applications engineering is all about ensuring you get the right solution for your situation. Well Master’s staff can provide you science-based recommendations to help you solve problems that range from, “Should I choose Plunger Assisted Gas Lift” to “how should I complete or operate my well?”


Using the theme “Every Well is a Business”, Well Master helps producers go beyond simple cost-cutting as a way to boost net revenue. Well Master works with you to fuse classroom instruction with field performance, leading to the creation of best practices. The results will reward your effort with increased revenue- often in millions of dollars!


Depending on the basin, Well Master’s field services can range from inspections to operations. Well Master is here to help you maximize the profitability of your existing wells.

Designed to make well optimization a lot easier and more efficient by calculating the plunger fall rate, the rate at which the Well Master plunger is falling through has and liquid. Available for the iPhone & Android!


Well Master is here to support you through your wells entire life journey.  If you’re needing assistance on a plunger selection, initial operation parameters, troubleshooting or are needing an engineer well evaluation, then fill out the form and one of our engineers will contact you immediately to help with any problems you’re having.  Depending on what form of lift you are considering or using, choose either the Plunger Optimization Form or the Gas Lift Optimization Form.